Dear Buyer’s Agent,


Thank you for your interest in our listings.


Our team audits all offers received for clarity and completeness before presenting it to the Seller. There are mandatory items our auditors are looking for in each offer package. In order for us to be able to present your offer in a timely manner to the key decision makers it is extremely important that you download and complete the OFFER COVER SHEET and submit it along with your offer.


Buyer's Agent Offer Cover Sheet.pdf


The best way to submit your offer is emailing it to Include the word “OFFER” and the property address in the subject line when you email, so we can classify your offer and send it to the designated auditor right away. Or you may fax your offer to 909-380-8615.


After we receive your offer we will send you an email to acknowledge receipt. You will be contacted by our auditor if there are missing items in your offer package. Otherwise, offers are processed and presented in a first come first serve basis to the Seller.


Note in some cases Buyer is required to be cross-qualified with a designated lender. It is advisable that you have your Buyer contact the designated lender immediately to start the cross-qualification process and to obtain the pre-qual letter from the designated lender. In most cases we will not be able to present your offer until the cross-qualification is done. The reason behind is this process is necessary in order for the Seller to choose your offer as the winning offer and open escrow with your Buyer. Because the Seller MUST KNOW the designated lender will be able to obtain financing for your Buyer in case the lender chosen by your Buyer fails to do so.


Please give us a few days to process your offer before you contact our office for status update. The best way to obtain offer status update is sending an email to


Thank you for submitting an offer!