Dear Realtor,


Welcome to our website!


To submit an offer click on the * Submit An Offer * submenu item on the left hand side.


To make a showing request please select the property you'd like to show from the submenu on the left hand side and you will be asked to complete a short registration form with your contact and license information.

We will email you or send you a text message shortly to the email you provided on the registration form after verifying the information you entered, so it is very important that you provide us with the correct email address when you complete the registration form.


If you do not receive the showing instructions within 15 minutes after completing and submitting the registration form then most likely one of the following has happened.

1) You have misspelled your email address

2) Your email account has blocked our message for some reason


Then do the following.

1) Try looking for our message in your junk mails with subject line “Your request” sent from

2) Add our email address into your “white list”, so your email server won't block our messages

3) Check your mailbox capacity to make sure it has not reached the maximum capacity


Try completing the registration process ONE MORE TIME with the same or a different email address.


If you still do not receive the combo code via email after the 2nd attempt to register on-line, then try sending a text message to 626-252-2770 or 626-252-0658 with all the information asked on the registration form, or try calling our office at 909-829-5111. However, the fastest way to obtain showing instructions is still through our website registration.


If you'd like the showing instructions to be sent via a text message to your cell phone please enter your cell phone's email address instead. The email format for each wireless phone provider is shown below.






For example if your AT&T cell phone number is 909-123-4567 and you want the showing instructions be sent via text to your cell phone then enter as your email address when you register.


Please keep the combo code to yourself and please NEVER disclose the showing instructions to ANYONE.


We would really appreciate if you could provide us with any feedback, comments and recommendations after your showing. Also, if you find any anomalies, such as water leak or broken windows, please notify our office immediately, so we can take care of it.


Thank you and GOOD LUCK with showing!